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Our Dorsets doing well for other breeders 

We sold twelve registered Dorset ewes to Cal Poly Pomona in 2011. Ten of the ewes were bred to our J 69. I want to thank Cal Poly for purchasing these ewes from Cox Ranch. They have shown a yearling ram out of ram J 69. This ram is a grandson of the powerful Wade ewe 1536. This yearling ram was first place ram at 2013 California State Fair. Cal Poly also had Reserve Senior Champion Ram on their fall ram lamb out of ewe Cox C 43 at the California State Fair in 2013.

Yearling Ram that was 1 st place at California State Fair in 2013

Fall Ram Lamb at Cal Poly

Fall Ram Lamb that was 1 st place at California State Fair in 2013 and was the Senior Resever Champion

Josh Polich, had Champion Ewe on Cox C- 63 in 2012  at the Cow Palace in Open and Junior Dorset show, with a ewe he purchase from me as a Fall ewe lamb at the ranch.  They call this ewe "Billie Jean".  They says she is a great mother and outstanding milker of lambs.

Supreme Champion Ewe at the California State Fair in 2008. This outstanding female came from the Penfold ranch out of one their ewes. I leasted the Crome Ram 2414 to them. This is just another example of the type of ewe that Crome provide me for over 5 years.

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