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Ewes that we have shown over the years

I breed my females so that they are square footed with big bone. My ewes are long bodied and even though they are not tall at the point of the shoulder they have body length and thickness over the top. Cox Ranch ewes have the ability to milk their lambs for 100 days on grass. We are hoping that we will continue to produce long body sheep that have strong thick tops that are full to the dock. Our goal is maintaining fast growing lambs for the market as well as producing some nice solid club market lambs for the show ring. I am hoping as we move forward with the club lamb bloodlines in our small flock of 15 ewes that we will continue to breed sheep that will do good things in the Dorset breeding class in the very near future.

Cox R 59 as Lamb 

R 59: This picture was taken at the San Diego Fair 2006. R 59 was one of our most productive ewes ever. Her mother was a Millennium Farms 4039. We have 7 females out of 4039 that all go back to this female purchased at the Ohio Sale in 2005.

Cox R 4 as a Yearling Ewe

R 4: This picture was taken at the San Diego Fair 2007. Her mother goes back to the Fitch bloodlines for the Super Ewe Family. We have 5 females out of R 4. Over the years this bloodline has produced many show sheep and class winners for us.





Wade 1536 was the last ewe that the Wades' sold at the Ohio Sale in 2005. She was an outstanding female for us for over 6 years. We are very proud to have purchased such an excellent ewe from the Wades. One of her daughters, "C 61", produced the 1st place yearling ram at the California State Fair in 2013 for Cal Poly Pomona. Wade 1536 had a loin eye of 4.02 in 2005 as a yearling ewe.

This is Ewe Cox M- 51 she is the mother of 

R- 4. Her sire was "General Patton" a Wade Ram that was the Reserve Champion Ram in 2002 in Virgina.

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