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Introducing Our
New Club Stud Ram

Stillwell1407 ( RR )


This new December Ram Lamb was only 60 days old when this picture was taken.  I want to thank Jason Stillwell for offering this ram at his auction.


This ram is a son of his great Stud ram High Definition. A ram that has produced many winners in the club lamb shows. I am sure that his son will do the same for us on our flock of Dorsets. in the years to come. 




 High Definition 


Crome 2414 added many strong ewes to my flock for over 5 years. His most outstanding females are still in the flock to this day. R- 4 being one of the very best. His lambs have been all been high volume ewes with a lot of rib in them.

Cox J 69 


Cox J 69 out of Wade 1466. His mother was an excellent milker. Sire was Cox R 55 a son out of Poynter ram. Cox J 69 is the sire of 7 of our coming yearling ewes this year. We are going to use our new Stillwell Ram on this fine group of yearling ewes.

We will always breed sheep that have body length and good spring of rib. That have the body capacity and the ability to have twins with ease of lambing. 

Moving our flock toward Club lambs in 2014. This will be a new adventure for us at the Cox Ranch.
Our ranch is located east of Sacramento in the town of Lincoln.  The sheep are raised on the green hills in the foothills.



Poynter D - 4 gave us some outstanding body length and big bone. We purchase this ram in 2006. He was the sire of Cox R- 55. Ram R -55 went on to sire Cox J 69. A ram that I have been very proud of for many years.

This is Ram Cox M- 55  His sire was "General Patton" a Wade Ram that was the Reserve Champion Ram in 2002 in Virgina.

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